Security and The Internet of Things

IoT Security

Technology is a part of all of our lives, and in the near future, this connectivity could be more pervasive than we ever thought possible. For every one device connected today there will be an exponential amount more in the next 10 years. The Internet of things is fast approaching, and convincing the general public to let so much connectivity into their homes could be a daunting task for tech companies.  The most important thing that people will consider when deciding whether or not to let technology into their homes, and even more into their lives, will be security.  The protection of data and the guarantee that the connectivity will be used only by the parties that have consented access will be the deciding factor as to whether the Internet of things is a technological revolution or a passing fad.

Large tech companies stand to make billions of dollars within the Internet of things, and these companies have a lot of work to do before the general public will even consider as much connectivity as will be offered.  With the recent discovery of the Heartbleed bug (great name by the way) and the fact that it went unnoticed for years could really put a bump on the road to the Internet of things.  The companies that stand to make billions need to come together and create a security protocol that will be universal among the technology that they expect us to allow into our homes.  On top of the Internet of things there is mobile payments and cloud storage, both of which offer great tech, but security is everything in convincing the public for wide appeal. This security protocol will help facilitate the introduction of all new technology to the general public, and the options of which company to choose would be more open.

The biggest names in software currently will undoubtedly be the biggest names in the Internet of things software.  Meaning, AppleGoogleSamsungCiscoQualcomm and countless other companies could potentially be tapping into a trillion dollar industry, but in order to break into it, the public must feel secure in letting the tech in and their information out.  With the Internet of things, everything from how hot or cold you keep your house to what groceries you buy to how you lock and unlock your doors could be vulnerable.  The convenience, efficiency and all around life changing effect the Internet of things will have is enormous, but the assurance that only the information you want to be shared will be shared is paramount to its success.

With this new (exciting yet somewhat terrifying) technology trend on the horizon, there will need to be multiple tiers of security developed for all involved.  This absolutely needs to be universal and agreed upon so the consumer can have their choice of products with the surety that their information will be secure.  With this type of invasive technology, there will only be one shot for the industry to take off, and one instance like the Heartbleed bug or, even worse, an instance of someone remotely unlocking doors in a neighborhood could bring the entire thing crashing down around these large companies.  However, if done correctly this industry will be worth trillions of dollars, and I am not the only one that thinks so.


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