Where Google Glass’s Place Really Is

Google Glass

Anyone who keeps up with tech news knows that Google Glass is being released into the wild on Apr. 15th, but only for one day.  That’s right, anyone with a spare $1500 and some curiosity can buy a lovely pair of the wearable computers.  This is the first time someone has been able to buy Google Glass without an invitation from Google’s Explorer program or from someone who got an invitation.  I do not think that Google Glass will ever be prolific throughout the general public, and may not be on too many regular people at all once the novelty of the idea has completely dissipated.

That being said, Google Glass most definitely has its place in society and frankly a large place, just not in the same way a smartphone does.  Google glass should be used in places where information needs to be fed to an individual at a specific time and that individual may not be able to pull their smartphone out of their pocket or touch a tablet at that time.  The best example for me would be a surgeon or doctor.  A doctor should have all of the information they need available to them at any time, but at many times there is a need for them to be sterile or in the case of a surgeon their hands could be quite busy at the time.  There has already been a case where a patient’s life was saved by Google Glass.

This isn’t the only place where it could be used however.  If the technology could be put into something equivalent to safety goggles, scientists, including chemists and biologist could use the immediate immediate information while performing active research.  This could also include dictation of notes without having to use their hands and picture taking without having to pull out a camera.  This could really revolutionize data collection and recording which could speed up new discoveries and make them easier to validate.

Outside of information receiving there are still more professional ways Google Glass could be utilized.  A police car has a camera in the front of the car in order to record everything.  Google Glass on a police officer’s face recording and uploading to the cloud at all times does two very positive things for our society.  One, if there is an incident where an officer is present, the camera will record the going-ons and two, officers will be kept more honest if their actions can be much more readily scrutinized.  These two factors in conjunction could alone make Google Glass worth it on the face of law enforcement, and I am sure there are multiple other applications that will be found as well.

The bottom line is that Google Glass for the general consumer will be cordoned off to a niche group or techies, but the applications of the technology are far reaching in industry.  I hope Google can see that and will refocus some of their efforts in order to make the product more functional in those aspects instead of looking to make them look like Oakleys to sell to teenagers.


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