The Google of Everything, Exploring The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

What products or services come out of Google Inc.?  The first answer to come to mind is probably a search engine or a mobile OS for smartphones and tablets, and you are right.  That is where the majority of Google users are focused. But lets take a look at some other industries Google seems to be trying to break into.

First, there’s Google glass, Google’s attempt at breaking into the optical business or, more generally, the wearable tech industry.  This also includes a Google smart, which might be released later this year. This patent gives a hint as to what it may look like.

Then, Google purchases Nest for 3.2 billion dollars, and now they want to invade your home.  Thermostats, Smoke/CO2 detectors, but really the possibilities are endless in The Internet of Things.  Think smart refrigerators, smart showers and smart door locks.

Now, I was kidding. The purchase of Nest is not the first step in Google’s evil plan to invade your home, but it does say something. Namely, that Google would love it if you would politely invite them in, and that could be the beginning of something very big.

Lets take a look at what could be if all of Google’s dreams came true. Picture this:

You are on your way home in your self-driving Google car with your Nexus phone running Android that syncs with your car’s radio.  You are wearing your pair of prescription Google Glasses (not on of course), and suddenly your Google watch beeps at you with a notification that there is some traffic ahead.  It then pleasantly guides you around the traffic with the help of Waze (owned by Google) and sets you on a clear path towards home.  Once you are within 5 miles of your home, the thermostat in your house kicks into gear and starts to methodically cool down your house because its pretty warm today, and your preferences are a cool 75 degrees.

You arrive home to your house, unlock your door with nothing but your presence and go inside.  Once inside, you decide you are thirsty and would really like a nice, cold Sprite.  You go to the refrigerator and take one out, and the screen on your refrigerator updates as you walk away to let you know that there are only 3 left and that you may want to pick some up the next time you go to the store. Naturally this syncs with your to-do app on your phone.  You spend the night reading on your Nexus tablet and watching a few shows that you downloaded off Google Play and watch them through your Chromecast.

As you wander off to bed you turn off your lights and ensure the door is locked with a swipe of your finger.  No need to set your alarm; your phone knows that you are at home and that tomorrow is Wednesday, so the alarm is ready to go.  Also, since the alarm is set for 6:30 am, your phone will let your shower know at 6:29 am to start warming up that water to the ideal temperature to start your day.

And that’s just the beginning….



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